Next 15 Buyers Pay $350 for this E-Course Valued at $2,500 PLUS!



Lets be real for a second here, it's rare for me to offer courses or any services for a price like this! As I believe in charging my worth and teaching my clients to do the same. However, I see so many out here trying their best who needs the extra push or have invested so much into programs or services that did almost nothing for their business. I want you to not only see transformation but see actual results so, take advantage of this opportunity!

I will teach you what you think you know about marketing, sales, closing, and connecting with clients in a way you never thought of or took action on! This is a step by step course and it requires you to take action and apply what you learn so, that you can EARN!

This is not the average E-Course with a ton of busy work or long videos!

I want you to focus on the strategy AKA the action plan.

The videos are created shorter (under 37 minutes each) for a reason to help you stay focused, complete at least 1-2 training's in one day to take action faster without feeling drained!

This is not college although I train at a higher level  there's no reason to feel overwhelmed or over worked if you apply the lessons and steps to your business what I'm teaching you is what you should be doing within your business but maybe you're not because you are confused, don't know where to begin, or stuck... 

There is an introduction video that briefly outlines the purpose, mission, and steps that you will go through, and you will feel my presence there will be a support group available to help you get through the trainings.


  • Lesson 1: one of the most critical lessons of this entire course as you will discover what marketing channels you are wasting your time on, what new channels to implement, and which ones you need to tweak to create a consistent cash flow.
  • Marketing Checklist
  • Lesson 2
  • Target Audience 101 
  • How to Emotionally Connect with Your Target Audience
  • How to Generate Leads Pt. 1
  • Lesson 3
  • Sales Discovery Call(s) & Process Pt. 1 Training
  • Lesson 4
  • Nurturing Your Audience Pt. 1
  • Lesson 5
  • How to Close Prospects with Confidence & Ease
  • BONUS #1: Marketing & Sales Tactics to Grow Your Business {FREE STRATEGY SESSION}
  • BONUS #2: How to Attract Ideal Clients  (understanding types of buyers)
  • #BONUS 3: Facebook Support Group
    • Introduction Training {15:38 minutes}
    • Strategy Planning Tips & Marketing Channel(s) Checklist {35:02 minutes}
    • Setting up & Defining Target Audience {32:31 minutes}
    • How to Emotionally Connect with Your Target Audience {32:31 minutes}
    • Lead Generating {17:35 minutes}
    • Sales Process Set Up: Discovery Calls Pt.1 {59:22 minutes}
    Nurturing Your Audience & Prospects Building Trust  Pt. 1 {37:46 minutes}
  • BONUS: Types of Buyers & Prospects Understanding Your Ideal Clients  47:57 minutes


Price goes UP after every 7th buyer {until I decide to set the price...}

If you don't take action which is one reason why most businesses fail or why your marketing efforts need some adjusting...  You'll regret it!

Don't miss out over analyzing when you have bought tons of services and programs that made you nothing and put you in a deeper hole or didn't need!

You MUST be willing to take accountability for your actions, what you do, and don't do. Blaming others will not help solve your problems or help your business scale.


There's a NO refund policy under any  circumstances so please, go through the training's, apply it, follow the steps, and repeat the steps. Consistency and action taking is KEY! 

Why you attract the wrong prospects & clients!

You are going to learn the basics about my top common types of buyers and prospects that every business owner encounters with on a regular basis whether you notice it or not...

If you could better understand the types of buyers and prospects you attract & build relationships with the ones you desire how could this change your life? You'll know who to STRATEGICALLY TARGET AND attract. You will learn how to speak to your ideal audience and buyers within your marketing message and content with ease...

Emotionally Attract Your Ideal Clients!

I will quickly teach you what you already THINK you know! I'm known for my reverse marketing and sales strategies and tactics to attract my target audience, prospects, and clients... I have done the same for many of my clients from low profile to high profile.

You will quickly learn basic and intermediate marketing and sales tricks that will help you look at your time and money differently. So, differently that you'll be able to make more money and attract BUYERS! Let me tell you a few places where you can find them, how to attract them, and emotionally connect with them faster! There are buyers who want to buy they exist they just don't know that you exist and can solve A meaning one problem for them...


Learn to use the proper language & create a sales process that works!

Let's take your sales skills to the next level with confidence! There's a time and place to say things to your prospects and clients. There's a time to promote and ask for the business too. You will learn how to offer your prospects value without having to break the bank or wasting time answering questions or booking calls just for most to not move forward. We are going to change that in this course!

There's questions you should ask in your discovery calls, content, and more, but specific and deeper questions that will touch... You have to touch the heart so, the mind and wallet will follow! You also need to be transparent yet concise as some of your ideal buyers doesn't need all the logistics or details... Learn to sell to each person and create a sales pitch and system that will work for your ideal buyers.

About Me

Dezarae D. {B.AS-- Business Administration & Management -- MS, Marketing}

"I'm not the #1 marketing & sales strategist I'm #2 because everyone says they are #1 how cliche right?" A few years ago, I discovered how much impact & influence I have in people's lives & businesses with my marketing, sales, and business savvy skills! I love helping business owners especially, small established business owners grow! I have also, helped & worked with 6 and 7 figure businesses and clients.

. Then one day decided to birth my baby DDavis Marketing Services and still standing literally built my business with nothing, my hands, resources, and amazing clients! I have over 7 years experience ... So, far I have helped business owners who were (or are making) $2,500 or more a month and increase their revenue by double, triple, and beyond or helped transformed their marketing, sales process, and business models as well as services by offering the ultimate client or customer experience to keep clients coming back & referring! I have done and helped clients do but not limited to;

  • Scale their businesses & increase revenue
  • Marketing & Sales training's/education for business owners plus their staff
  • Gain more attraction & visibility on and off-line
  • Marketing & sales consulting
  • Define their niche & become specialists and experts in their industry
  • Target and attract their ideal audience, leads, clients, and prospects with ease & authenticity
  • Stand out amongst their competition no matter the years of experience or rates they charge
  • Attract clients on-line through networking, websites, SEO, Facebook Ads, and more
  • Save time with E-Newsletters, content that converts, automation, sales funnels, landing pages, and webinars
  • Discover their marketing mix also known as the 4 P's of marketing {product/service, place, promotion, and price}
  • Sell, up-sell, promotions, market planning, research, and surveys to gain, maintain, and sustain their clients or customers