FREE Targeting 101: Attracting Your IDEAL BUYERS

You must be tired of dealing with an audience that rarely participates, doesn't show up, doesn't engage with you, your content, or copywriting such as landing pages, email list sign ups, and more. I'm walking you through my ideal buyer process for one of my programs that has gotten me clients without ads, funnel pages, spending a lot of money, website, or anything else you think you need.

You're getting but not limited to:

  • The run around you're constantly booking calls with the freebie and cheap crew who doesn't want to pay for good quality products and services.
  • Letting so called buyers nickel and dime you
  • Adjusting your policy and coming up with payment plans or charging low rates that doesn't tickle your fancy!
  • You feel overworked and underpaid
  • You're hiring coach to coach spending on program to program looking for the magic pill instead of hiring a competent consultant and team that can actually make you an ROI and profit!
  • Maybe you sell products and a few buy here and there but don't come back which begins to confuse and frustrate you.
  • Or if service based when you do finally book a few calls per week or month you find yourself following up with prospects more than two times and most times still end up with a NO!
  • You spend countless hours and money on your branding, website, landing pages, graphics, content, sales funnel pages, email content, and more to GET CRICKETS... I mean borderline NO ONE is signing up for your trainings or buying enough of your products...
  • If God, could just pour down clients everyday you would really be praising him non-stop. You just want to live a comfortable lifestyle with money in the bank. If you could make 5k, 10K, 15K, 20K plus per month you could only imagine all of the things you would do and how you would help make a difference in this world.
  • BOTTOM line you're getting the WRONG traffic, no traffic, or very little friction with little repeat business.

What is the problem? You are unclear about your target audience and how to identify your ideal buyers. When you are unclear about who your ideal buyer is this prevents you from creating and selling a message that speaks to them which will then lead to engagement and MONEY in your bank! In this FREE training you will learn how to set up and identify your target audience including their pain points as this will make your marketing and sales message/ delivery more compelling.

Knowing your target audience will allow you to market, promote, and sell your products and services in front of the RIGHT audience who wants to buy! You cannot sell to an audience that doesn't need your offerings or does not see the value in what you offer.

#1 Learn how to call out your audience pain

When you touch the heart the mind and wallet will follow is my belief system including my clients. I will show you step by step how I uncover my audience's pain points and leverage that for their benefit and mine.

Creating your client or buyer criteria

I walk you through my process of uncovering and discovering who my ideal audience is which will show you how to discover who your ideal buyer is. When you have an audience or had buyers before it's crucial to evaluate the past and current buyers to determine (future buyers) whether or not they have all the attributes and demographics you require or whether or not you are in front of the right audience. Your messaging and delivery could be causing a disconnect swaying them away from you, your brand, and your business. Lets find out in this training and fix the problem!

Application skills to increase visibility and sales

In this training you will walk away with not only knowledge but practical and strategic skills to up-level your marketing and sales. This is NOT an information overload training you will walk away with an action plan focused on targeting qualified leads and buyers.

Understand your audience on a deeper level

You will learn how to show your buyers empathy meaning you will put yourself in their shoes to understand them on a deeper level in order to attract and sustain them. I walk you through my process allowing you to take a look in my world of business and how I target who I want and run away the ones I don't want in my zone.


AFTER THIS PART 1 STRATEGIC TRAINING YOU WILL WALK AWAY WITH KNOWING EXACTLY WHO YOUR IDEAL BUYERS ARE AND HOW TO ATTRACT THEM WITH CONFIDENCE AND EASE. It's easier to sell to clients or customers who want to buy without all the hustle, proving, and begging...

Next Steps

For those interested you will have the option to work with me on helping you attract and target clients and customers who are ready to buy. I won't leave you hanging or stuck on your own trying to figure out what's next... After you learn who your ideal audience is and their needs the next step is creating content and copywriting that speaks to them and propels them to take ACTION!

ABOUT ME & DDavis Marketing

Dezarae D. {B.AS-- Business Administration & Management -- MS, Marketing}

"I'm not the #1 marketing & sales strategist I'm #2 because everyone says they are #1 how cliche right?" A few years ago, I discovered how much impact & influence I have in people's lives & businesses with my marketing, sales, and business savvy skills! I love helping business owners especially, small established business owners grow! I have also, helped & worked with 6 and 7 figure businesses and clients.

. Then one day decided to birth my baby DDavis Marketing Services and still standing literally built my business with nothing, my hands, resources, and amazing clients! I have over 7 years experience ... So, far I have helped business owners who were (or are making) $2,500 or more a month and increase their revenue by double, triple, and beyond or helped transformed their marketing, sales process, and business models as well as services by offering the ultimate client or customer experience to keep clients coming back & referring! I have done and helped clients do but not limited to;

  • Scale their businesses & increase revenue
  • Marketing & Sales training's/education for business owners plus their staff
  • Gain more attraction & visibility on and off-line
  • Marketing & sales consulting
  • Define their niche & become specialists and experts in their industry
  • Target and attract their ideal audience, leads, clients, and prospects with ease & authenticity
  • Stand out amongst their competition no matter the years of experience or rates they charge
  • Attract clients on-line through networking, websites, SEO, Facebook Ads, and more
  • Save time with E-Newsletters, content that converts, automation, sales funnels, landing pages, and webinars
  • Discover their marketing mix also known as the 4 P's of marketing {product/service, place, promotion, and price}
  • Sell, up-sell, promotions, market planning, research, and surveys to gain, maintain, and sustain their clients or customers